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The Power of Peace

The Power of Peace

April 16, 2020

This show is all about finding peace in difficult moments, and how your efforts to do so can shift reality for yourself and those around you.

It may even have the power to shift the world, if enough of us choose to walk the path of peace at once.

Listen in as Spiritual Life Coach Molly MacCartney shares inspiration, tips and channeled wisdom to support your inner peace in uncertain times.

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Being Present to Change

Being Present to Change

April 8, 2020

In this show, we focus on how to look at change from a broader perspective while bringing it home to your heart space.

We can not control what goes on in the world around us, but we can always control how we respond to it.

What if the collective pause we are experiencing through the covid-19 crisis is the pathway to learning how to handle every other crisis we face personally and collectively from here on out?

What do you need to do now to take care of your inner world while uncertainty reigns in the outer one?

This time is for YOU as much as it is for US.

Join Spiritual Coach Molly MacCartney as she dives into these themes and offers readings and a guided meditation to listeners on the livestream.

Original air date: 4/8/20

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Heart Healing For Uncertain Times

Heart Healing For Uncertain Times

April 2, 2020

This show's theme is all about releasing stress and anxiety brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic (or anything else, for that matter). 

Host and Spiritual Life Coach Molly MacCartney shares wisdom about the heart center and its connection to the virus as well as its connection to grief, anxiety and fear. 

Listen in as she empowers your intuition over your fear while teaching you simple techniques to release compulsive thoughts and reconnect to your faith in a higher power.

original livestream date: 4/1/2020

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You Gotta Have Faith

You Gotta Have Faith

March 25, 2020

The Empowered Wisdom Hour is sending warm wishes to you and yours in the midst of these strange times brought on by COVID-19.

If you've been craving more spiritually-focused conversations about our current situation, listen in on this show. Insights shared are specifically aimed at those in lock-down, stay-at-home, or quarantine situations.

What if there is a gift in this for you and for all of humanity?

What if our cooperation is now the key to human survival instead of competition?

Let's talk about the power of Faith in times of crisis and how we each create our experience with our ability to trust in a Divine Order, no matter what is going on around us.

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You Are What You Believe

You Are What You Believe

February 27, 2020

Listen in as host Molly MacCartney shares insight on why your beliefs are so important on the path of wisdom and creation with the universe, and tips on how you can shift them for the highest and best.

All it takes is your willingness to trust that still, small voice within and devotion to focusing on what works for your spirit instead of what doesn't.

Original Live Stream air date: 2/26/20

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15 Tips for Living With Intention

15 Tips for Living With Intention

January 16, 2020

On the path of conscious manifestation, being able to dream new dreams and set new goals is important.

But there is one thing that's even more important... and that is living with the intention to experience those dreams and realize those goals in your physical reality.

Living with Intention is the product of dreams + intuitive action, and it's really the only way you can work with the universe to consciously create a life that you love.

What if you stopped trying so hard to "make things work" and simply lived into your desired states of joy, beauty, passion and wonder?

It's funny how things fall into place when let go and allow the good stuff to flow in.

Enjoy this episode as I share 15 tips for walking the path of intention with more ease, wisdom and peace.

Original Live Stream date: 1/15/20


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7: No Nonsense Wisdom for Lightworkers

7: No Nonsense Wisdom for Lightworkers

March 14, 2019

In this episode, I talk with my friend and colleague Rev. Rae Moonwind about what it’s like to live a healthy and balanced life as a Lightworker.

As you may know...Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t always made of unicorns and rainbows!

It takes focus, determination and trust in divine guidance to take care of our minds, bodies and sensitive spirits.

Listen in as we discuss energetic boundaries, spiritual recovery from life trauma (ie: domestic violence), nutrition for good health, interdimensional communication, starchildren and more. 

If you’ve been wanting to awaken to health and well-being on a new level as a spiritual being, this show could give you some ideas on where to start in your own human life.

May you be well on all levels!


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6: Sweet Surrender: Allowing Your Good vs Forcing Your Will

6: Sweet Surrender: Allowing Your Good vs Forcing Your Will

January 31, 2019

In this first episode of 2019, we’re focused on allowing life to fall into place through the power of intention and energetic awareness.

The western cultural environment is one that seems to value all that is “bigger, better, faster, more”, instead of learning the art of appreciation and being at peace with what is.

This can lead to what has been called “Destination Addiction”, where a sense of ideal joy is attached to goals and outcomes instead of the present moment.

Listen in as Molly and her guest, Darci Kayy (developing tarot reader, medium, yoga teacher and healer) talk about what it means to surrender and find a sense of true identity in one's own experiences, including the painful ones.

When we appreciate the ups and downs of this human existence, we are less likely to lose ourselves in our dreams of escape.

May you be present, may you be wise, may you be well... from the inside out.

Happy New Year!


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5: The Power of Letting Go

5: The Power of Letting Go

November 12, 2018


In this episode, we explore the peace and power in surrendering to the flow of life, especially when things aren’t working or a set back has taken our power to “get ahead”.

There is Divine order to all things, and it is unwise for us to try to force events or growth of any kind with our will alone.

Explore what action steps you may be taking now that are draining you more than helping you move forward in life.

And remember… it’s ok, you’re not alone, and it will get better if you allow it.

Enjoy the sacred space this show creates, as host Molly Maccartney shares her story of a recent illness that left her speechless and how she learned to surrender to the setback and find more peace and well-being than she knew before.

Molly will also share a channeled message from her guides, The Silence.

Listen in as they lovingly project a new mindset that will help you surrender to the present moment, stay in your own experience and stop trying to rush or change the process of life.

This episode is dedicated to those of you fighting hard battles within and/or those who are dreading the challenges that come with the holidays and new year planning.

Let it go, let it flow, all is well and so are you.

See you inside for an uplifting, relaxing conversation about releasing that which no longer serves your highest good!


Peace Love and Wisdom Always,




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4. The Wisdom of Shadows

4. The Wisdom of Shadows

September 26, 2018

I’ve been thinking a lot about shadows lately.

And it’s probably because we’re passing through the Autumn Equinox.

This time of year, in the northern hemisphere, we innately start to reflect on what we need to release as the sun shortens its time in the sky.

As the year ends, more of our time is spent in the shadows… so it doesn’t surprise me that our consciousness follows suit.

I’ve been talking to my friend, medicine woman Chonteau McElvin quite a bit about shadows - and she enlightened me to something I had never thought of before.

Our shadow aspects are not just disowned parts of ourselves.

They also manifest in the ways we respond and react within our relationships. If we are suffering in relationships, it’s often because a shadow is at the wheel, and not the light of our conscious awareness.

And that’s not all!

Did you know we have shadows in our relationships to things and not just people? 

Because all is connected, of course we do.

But that’s the thing with shadows… We don’t always see them until we decide to look.

Whether it’s money, your body, love, or any other thing in your life that seems to cause suffering… Shadow work is an extremely important part of the evolving consciousness.

Let’s shine a light on some of the areas that are hard to look at this week, and declare that we’re ready to heal by giving love and attention to the parts of us that need it most.

Enjoy this week’s show as I interview my friend, medicine woman Chonteau McElvin of Soul Care U.

We have a really cool conversation about how shadow work can change your entire life.

And as always, I offer a brief but powerful meditation to help get the conversation started within you too.




Chonteau a Medicine Woman, Shaman and founder of the Soul Care U online school for Sacred Healers. She is based in Orlando FL.
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