The Empowered Wisdom Hour with Molly MacCartney

Practicing Fortitude in Times of Rebirth

July 16, 2020

Dictionary Definition of fortitude: for·ti·tude -  courage in pain or adversity.  ex: "she endured her illness with great fortitude"

There is little doubt that we’re in a time of collective adversity: Covid 19 shutdowns, mask arguments, conspiracy theories, information wars, politically charged environment of an election year, several social movements happening at once, environmental issues still an ongoing problem....

Some would say we are in a phase that looks a lot like the end days… But what if it’s not the end?

After every end comes a new beginning – and so on and so on…

And how do you find balance when everything feels out of balance?

Even if things are fine personally, you may still be feeling the heaviness and stress of the world – and it may also be creating negative affects in your personal experience if you’re not watchful.

And of course, this also speaks to anyone going through their own personal rebirth of any kind: illness, break ups, recovery, business or job change, dealing with solitude, shadow work, new opportunities, moving, dealing with the unknown…

In these times we can’t just "love and light" life’s darkness away.

We must grieve what was and accept that we’re in the awkward phase of becoming before you are birthed into the new phase.

Listen in on this episode to learn a few things to remember in order to find courage when you need it most.


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