The Empowered Wisdom Hour with Molly MacCartney

Living on Purpose for the Good of the Whole

September 24, 2020

Why are you here and what is your purpose?

And is there any point to even asking this question in a world that seems to get more confusing by the day?

Listen in to explore ideas about how can you leave your piece of the world better than how you found it, and how can you contribute to healing the planet and other people’s spirits instead of being a part of the "destruction".

We'll also talk about how important it is to honor whatever your personal calling or purpose is. For some, it’s being a great parent, creator or service provider, etc. For others, it's holding powerful positions in organizations that can make a significant difference in society through big money and /or policies. Beyond that, it can of course mean being a direct lightworker in service to spiritual well-being in others, or being a frequency holder who is committed to helping others be more present and peaceful simply with their way of being.

The most important thing about living on purpose is that you make it a priority to consciously create the highest and best possible energy with who you are and the gifts you have.

(and don’t judge your progress – because in the end, it’s all an inside game…)


Notes from the host:

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