The Empowered Wisdom Hour with Molly MacCartney

6: Sweet Surrender: Allowing Your Good vs Forcing Your Will

January 31, 2019

In this first episode of 2019, we’re focused on allowing life to fall into place through the power of intention and energetic awareness.

The western cultural environment is one that seems to value all that is “bigger, better, faster, more”, instead of learning the art of appreciation and being at peace with what is.

This can lead to what has been called “Destination Addiction”, where a sense of ideal joy is attached to goals and outcomes instead of the present moment.

Listen in as Molly and her guest, Darci Kayy (developing tarot reader, medium, yoga teacher and healer) talk about what it means to surrender and find a sense of true identity in one's own experiences, including the painful ones.

When we appreciate the ups and downs of this human existence, we are less likely to lose ourselves in our dreams of escape.

May you be present, may you be wise, may you be well... from the inside out.

Happy New Year!


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