The Empowered Wisdom Hour with Molly MacCartney

5: The Power of Letting Go

November 12, 2018


In this episode, we explore the peace and power in surrendering to the flow of life, especially when things aren’t working or a set back has taken our power to “get ahead”.

There is Divine order to all things, and it is unwise for us to try to force events or growth of any kind with our will alone.

Explore what action steps you may be taking now that are draining you more than helping you move forward in life.

And remember… it’s ok, you’re not alone, and it will get better if you allow it.

Enjoy the sacred space this show creates, as host Molly Maccartney shares her story of a recent illness that left her speechless and how she learned to surrender to the setback and find more peace and well-being than she knew before.

Molly will also share a channeled message from her guides, The Silence.

Listen in as they lovingly project a new mindset that will help you surrender to the present moment, stay in your own experience and stop trying to rush or change the process of life.

This episode is dedicated to those of you fighting hard battles within and/or those who are dreading the challenges that come with the holidays and new year planning.

Let it go, let it flow, all is well and so are you.

See you inside for an uplifting, relaxing conversation about releasing that which no longer serves your highest good!


Peace Love and Wisdom Always,




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