The Empowered Wisdom Hour with Molly MacCartney

4. The Wisdom of Shadows

September 26, 2018

I’ve been thinking a lot about shadows lately.

And it’s probably because we’re passing through the Autumn Equinox.

This time of year, in the northern hemisphere, we innately start to reflect on what we need to release as the sun shortens its time in the sky.

As the year ends, more of our time is spent in the shadows… so it doesn’t surprise me that our consciousness follows suit.

I’ve been talking to my friend, medicine woman Chonteau McElvin quite a bit about shadows - and she enlightened me to something I had never thought of before.

Our shadow aspects are not just disowned parts of ourselves.

They also manifest in the ways we respond and react within our relationships. If we are suffering in relationships, it’s often because a shadow is at the wheel, and not the light of our conscious awareness.

And that’s not all!

Did you know we have shadows in our relationships to things and not just people? 

Because all is connected, of course we do.

But that’s the thing with shadows… We don’t always see them until we decide to look.

Whether it’s money, your body, love, or any other thing in your life that seems to cause suffering… Shadow work is an extremely important part of the evolving consciousness.

Let’s shine a light on some of the areas that are hard to look at this week, and declare that we’re ready to heal by giving love and attention to the parts of us that need it most.

Enjoy this week’s show as I interview my friend, medicine woman Chonteau McElvin of Soul Care U.

We have a really cool conversation about how shadow work can change your entire life.

And as always, I offer a brief but powerful meditation to help get the conversation started within you too.




Chonteau a Medicine Woman, Shaman and founder of the Soul Care U online school for Sacred Healers. She is based in Orlando FL.
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