The Empowered Wisdom Hour with Molly MacCartney

2: The Intuition of the Body

September 11, 2018

Intuition reveals itself through many channels.

Guidance often comes through visions and internal “voices”… but another way intuition speaks is through the balance (or imbalance) of the body.

In modern culture, we often want to bypass the body’s needs to get to the next accomplishment.

Many are concerned with looking good, completing the to-do list, making more money and keeping up with everyone else.

As a result, many are overmedicated.
Inner Peace is undervalued.
Soul needs are under-appreciated.

And wisdom is eclipsed.

In this episode of the Empowered Wisdom Hour, I talk with Tracy Rickard of Tracy’s Total Wellness about these things and why it’s so important to pay attention to the intuition of your body and learn to give it what it needs so you can live the highest, healthiest, happiest and best life possible!

Hang with us til the end and you'll also get to enjoy a guided meditation to help you tune in to what your body needs right now...

Tracy’s a Health, Hormone (& Fun) Coach, Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist in Orlando FL.
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