The Empowered Wisdom Hour with Molly MacCartney

1: A Case For Intuitive Awakening

August 31, 2018

Are you highly intuitive, spiritually sensitive and/or gifted?
Do you find it challenging to live in a world that doesn’t always understand you?
Are you unsure of your purpose and often feel scattered or lost?

This show is for you!

I'm your host, Molly MacCartney - Master Intuitive and founder of the Empowered Wisdom School.

In this inaugural episode of the Empowered Wisdom Hour, I share my journey from the darkness into the light of being a professional Intuitive, Medium, Healer and Practical Spirituality Teacher.

I'll tell you how I walked the long way around to discover what every spiritual sensitive needs to know to live a happy, fulfilled and purposeful life… and how it's now it’s my greatest joy to help others heal and live in the light with ease.

Gone are the days when psychic power, healing abilities and intuitive wisdom were reserved for the esoteric elite. With the global community growing at such an alarming speed, and religions sending mixed signals about what it means to be connected to a Higher Power... it's important to honor the intuitive wisdom within yourself and nurture your DIRECT line to your Source.

We each have the keys we need to tap onto this Divine Grace. They are embedded in our consciousness and all we must do is elevate their importance in our lives.

Won't you join me on this path of awakening?

If someone like me can rise up from suicidal depression, food addiction and chronic illness to living fully in my spiritual joy and creative clarity... you can rise from your challenges and help the world heal too.

Time to let your light shine.

Click play, and:

  1. listen to my story and know you're not alone.
  2. listen in on readings I've done for people just like you.
  3. enjoy a guided intuitive self-inquiry technique to help you tune into your intuition anywhere, at anytime.

*A special thanks to Mary Ann and Donna for being my first guests!*

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